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Holy Shrimp!

Seafood boils made easy! get all the ingredients you need to create your own seafood boil. From stock pot seasoning, to all the proteins and vegetables, down to the utensils such as bibs, crab leg crackers, and table covers. All you will need is your stock pot and sauce pan!

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Holy Shrimp was started in September 2020 by two siblings, Kathian and Alan Salazar, with the ultimate goal of sharing their love of seafood with the world. We knew how hard it was to get cooked seafood delivered to your door without the risk of overcooking and turning into mush in the container. We also noticed how making a seafood boil for the whole family united us just as much as any other cookout and the cook time and cleanup time was so much easier which allowed us to spend more time enjoying the moment with our family. That's when the concept of Holy Shrimp was created by accident at a family seafood cookout. We wanted to share the experience we cherished with the world and why not include a unique cajun butter garlic sauce to accompany our premium proteins. The Holy Sauce was created with 14 different spices showcasing the Salazar siblings Mexican and American influences. Our main objective for Holy Shrimp is that you, too may create memorable experiences with the people you care about.


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