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Ordering & What to Expect
Meal Kit Delivery

When you order from Holy Shrimp, you are not only ordering a delicious seafood boil recipe, but an AMAZING experience that can be shared with your loved ones from home.

Our kits include all the necessary ingredients & some essential items that add to the amazing seafood boil experience. Everything can be prepared & cooked in under an hour with household cookware most already have at home.  


All Kits Include:

your choice of proteins, vegetables, seasonings, sauces, instructions & bib(s). Group orders include a table cover for easy clean up.

What You Need:

large stock pot with lid & steamer (for proteins & vegetables)

sauce pan or crockpot warmer (for butter, seasoning & garlic)

We hope this answers most of your questions, but if not please check out our community forum & FAQ's below.

Downloadable Files

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